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Yiff McGee
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United States
| ♐ | ISFP | Taken <3 | They or he pronouns preferred |
Agender stamp by nintendoqs Panromantic asexual stamp by filipissima
Just some weirdo who draws girls and gore and has the cutest girlfriend ever <333

Tumblr- @ albinoturtle73
Instagram- @ albioon13
Skype- @ gaypastel (add me on skype please i beg you i need more people to talk to)
((sorry I tried to be organized while writing this but it's still p unorganized oops))
        Unuoculous (plural- Unuoculi) means 'One-eye'
-There are 2 known groups of Unuoculi; Primitive and Domestic
-Primitive Unuoculi live off the land and are separate from other tribes of primitive Unuoculi and domestic Unuoculi.
-Domestic Unuoculi are more civilized. Some live in large cities, others in the "country." It is not uncommon for a Unuoculi to keep a pet. Domestic Unuoculi, usually, look for one "life-long" partner, but some are known to have more than one partner.
-Unuoculi use their mouths and horns to attract a mate. Larger horns and mouths are, usually, deemed more "attractive." Because Unuoculi can breed with any other Unuoculi, all Unuoculi have mouths and horns. It is extremely rare (legendary) for a Unuoculi not to have horns.
-Mouths have 3, general, different sizes; a small mouth in the center of the chest(C) (Doesn't reach to where nipples would be), a "medium" mouth (UC)(Usually ends about where nipples would be), and a large mouth that goes onto the back (R) (Anywhere on the shoulder-blades would count)
-It is not uncommon for a Unuoculi to choose a mate with a large tongue/large horns, however it's also not uncommon to choose a mate based off of their personality.
-Domestic Unuoculi do not normally eat in public, do to their mouths being on their chests. Because of this, domestic Unuoculi can go long periods of time without eating. Primitive Unuoculi do not 'see shame' in eating in public, so they need to eat more often.
-Primitive Unuoculi have been known to have spikes (Usually made of bone). Spikes are usually located on the arms and legs, but some mutations have caused them to be elsewhere. The spikes are mostly used for protection, and even as a weapon, but some use them to attract mates.
-Because Unuoculi do not have nipples, they cannot breast feed a child. A child has to be fed by formula in order to gain nutrients.
-Horns are usually made of bone, but they can be made out of crystal. Crystal horns are not weaker than bone horns, but they do not seem to offer any advantage of increase the chance of survival.
-Primitive Unuoculi are very territorial, they either capture of kill any other Unuoculi who isn't in their tribe if they set foot on their land without permission.
-Unuoculi can be any bodytype, but the chest is, normally, pretty flat because of their mouths.
-Unuoculi can be any gender, and can have any romantic and sexual orientation.
-In some "domestic settlements," a Unuoculous is "given" the title of 'king'/'queen'/'ruler'/etc. This normally leads to monarchy, but some have successfully obtained a democracy this way.
-Unuoculi can possess magical abilities. They use their halos in order to access these abilities. The more halos they have, the stronger and more defined their magic is.
-magical abilities can range from mind reading to levitation, but it really just depends on the Unuoculous.
-Primitive Unuoculi do not commonly possess a lot of magic, but it is possible.
- Domestic Unuoculi have two colors in their eye, one for the "main iris" (outside iris color) and the "secondary iris" (around the pupil). These can be any two colors

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